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KNOWN ISSUE: MIDI conflict (Buttons activating the wrong functions on a supported device)

If you have created a user mapping and not saved it or have an auto saved mapping, sometimes you may experience what's known as a Midi Conflict.

This means you can hit a function on say a Sixty-Two like the Mic ON button and it sets of an SP6 sample, or you press Flex FX and it activates a loop etc.

To remedy this you will need to rename your MIDI folder in the _Serato_ folder.

If you have saved mappings you can copy them over after.

Follow these steps:

Close Serato DJ

In finder go to you Music folder and find the _Serato_ folder e.g. Username/music/_Serato_

In the _Serato_ folder you’ll find the MIDI folder

Click on the name of the folder and rename it to MIDIOLD

Open Serato DJ (this will create a new MIDI folder)

Connect your hardware and you should not have any conflicting midi information now.

If you have a saved mapping you can copy it over from the MIDIOLD folder to the newly created one and paste it in the XML folder inside the new MIDI folder