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Serato DJ Essentials mixer setup guide


What does "Serato DJ Essentials" entail?
Serato DJ Essentials (previously known as 'Club Kit') is a license bundle that includes a Serato DJ Pro license (normally USD 99) and a Serato DVS Expansion Pack license (normally USD 99), it allows you to use the following products: Pioneer DJ DJM-900NXS, DJM-900NXS2, DJM-850, Allen & Heath XONE:DB2, XONE:DB4, XONE:43C, Rane MP2015, and Denon DJ X1800 Prime. You can buy the Serato DJ Essentials bundle on our Online store or through the MY SERATO window inside the software. Both Serato DJ Pro and the DVS Expansion Pack will need to be activated in the MY SERATO panel before they are able to be used.

For more information about the required licences to use a Serato DJ Essentials mixer, check out the Serato DJ Essentials licence guide here.

What do I need to do to get started?
1. Install Drivers

Connect your supported mixer and open Serato DJ Pro. You should see an "Install Driver" dialogue box appear in the right hand side-panel. Click "Install Driver" and follow the installer prompts. If you don't have the supported hardware with you right now you can still download the driver from the manufacturers website. See your specific hardware manufacturer website for more details.

2. Select Input source

Nominate what input source you are using (ie, Line or Phono). Depending on your hardware this is either done from the mixer itself or from the mixer's driver panel. You can access the driver panel (hardware dependent) by clicking the “Setup Inputs” button under the AUDIO tab of the SETUP screen.

3. Select Primary Decks

Select your primary decks by opening the SETUP screen and clicking on the AUDIO tab. Choosing 'Channel 1 and 2' will allow you to have a traditional 1-2-3-4 channel configuration. Choosing 'Channel 2 and 3' will allow you to have a 3-1-2-4 configuration (from left to right across the mixer). Select which deck configuration you are using with the mixer and change if necessary. If you notice you are getting signal from your control tone but on the wrong deck, you might need to double-check your Primary Decks in the SETUP screen or the physical inputs on the back of the mixer.

You are now set up to use your mixer with Serato DJ Pro and DVS control using the REL or ABS control modes. For more details on Control Modes, please refer to the Serato DJ manual. For individual mixer set up, click the corresponding links below:

NOTE: If you intend to only use the Internal mode (with something like HID control) with your Serato DJ Essentials mixer, you do not need the DVS expansion pack, and just purchasing a Serato DJ Pro license will suffice for unlocking compatibility with Serato DJ Pro software.

Can I trial Serato DJ Essentials for free? I'm not sure if I want/need it yet..
Yes! If you start a free Serato DJ Pro 14-day trial the entire Serato DJ Suite will also be activated during this trial session (which includes Serato DJ Pro & DVS licenses). This will allow you to try out Serato DJ Essentials with your compatible mixer free for 14 days!

My Serato DJ Essentials ready mixer is not connecting to my computer
Try restarting your computer and/or the mixer. The drivers for the mixer might require the computer to be restated and can often help out when experiencing issues. Try power cycling the connected mixer as well to make sure that it connects to Serato DJ Pro correctly.

Serato DJ Pro and/or the DVS Expansion Pack is not activated
Once you have purchased the Serato DJ Essentials bundle (or individual products separately) you will need to activate them before they can be used. Log into the MY SERATO panel using your Serato.com email address and password. Go to the MY PRODUCTS section and make sure that both Serato DJ Pro and the DVS Expansion pack are activated. Close the MY SERATO panel and try again.

Vinyl or CDJ control is playing on the wrong deck
If you notice you are getting signal from your control tone but on the wrong deck, you might need to double-check your Primary Decks selection in the SETUP screen or the physical inputs on the back of the mixer.

No signal from control vinyl or CDJ
Check that the Inputs have been set correctly on the mixer or in the AUDIO tab of the SETUP screen. You might need to open your device driver panel by clicking on SETUP INPUTS to properly assign you mixers inputs and outputs (hardware dependent).

The scope views in the SETUP screen are not circles
The scope view is a graphic depiction of how Serato DJ Pro is reading the control signal it is receiving, displayed as a series of green circles. It is best to get your scopes as close to a perfect circle as possible. If you are having troubles with the scope view check out this article on Diagnosing the Scope Views