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KNOWN ISSUE: MY SERATO window crashes when trying to log-in

A bug has been identified with some Internet Plug-ins, which can cause a crash in Serato DJ Pro's 'MY SERATO' window - generally after entering your login details.

Facebook's Photo Uploader has been identified as an offending plug-in, but there are others causing the issue too. If you are experiencing a crash when trying to log in, check to see if you have this Facebook plug-in installed.

In the case of the Facebook Photo Uploader plug-in, Facebook no longer uses this, so it's safe to remove it - and it will resolve this crash. This particular plugin is named 'fbplugin'.

In the case of other plugins, if you are not comfortable deleting them we recommend simply moving them to another location on your Mac (such as your Desktop). You can always move them back if required.

Follow the steps below to remove the offending plug-in from your Internet Plug-in's folder;

  1. From Finder, choose Go, then Home, as per the example below.
  2. Navigate to Library, then Internet Plug-Ins, and remove individual plug-ins from this folder - you can delete them or simply move them onto the desktop. It would be best to move the plug-ins out of this folder one-by-one so you can identify the offending plug-in and narrow down the problem.

Some users may need to enable the Library folder before they can see it inside the Home folder;

  1. From the Home folder above, choose the Options button, and select Show View Options.
  2. Then enable Show Library Folder from the preferences panel.

If you're having trouble even after following the steps above, please Submit a support ticket.