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Reporting a crash with Serato DJ

With Serato DJ 1.7.0 and above, comes direct crash reporting. If Serato DJ crashes you are now prompted for some information around what you were doing at the time of the crash as well as Serato DJ sending us a more detailed software crash report.

This is going to help us track down the crashes that are out there but very difficult to reproduce, we have a huge focus on stability and this is one of the new tools designed to help us iron out some of the more complex issues.

Your crash report might just highlight a condition that we never thought could happen, but it might be happening all the time and causing instability somewhere else.

If the software does crash (particularly in a reproducible manner), please submit a crash report along with a description of what you did or were doing at the time of crash. You might just be providing the reproduction steps for something we were previously unable to reproduce.

To help us make the most of crash reporting, please refer to the following link for further information; Crash reports : How we use them, and how to make yours count.

You can also send us one of your crash log files if you missed the automatic crash reporting window. Please read this article on how to find the crash dump file on OSX & Windows.

You can also read this article on finding your computers specs and generating a system report.