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Installing multiple device drivers without hardware (OS X)

Will you be using more than one device with Serato DJ on your Mac computer?

Maybe you are using an SL 3 box at home and want to go to the club where they have a Pioneer DJM-900NXS? In this case, you will need the drivers to be installed for both devices, or else you may run the risk of unexpected driver installation at the club - which could result in disaster if you are not prepared.

Here you will find how to install multiple device drivers without hardware, so you can rest easy knowing that the drivers are already installed and you will not need to download, install and restart your computer at the last minute.

Note: From Serato DJ Pro 2.3.0 and onwards, the following steps are not possible. You will need to connect your hardware, then launch Serato DJ Pro to be prompted to install a bundled driver. Alternatively, the driver can be downloaded and installed from the product page on the hardware manufacturers website.

• Open your Applications folder.
• Right-click the "Serato" and select "Open Package Contents".
• Navigate through to /Contents/Resources/Packages/ and you will see all the drivers listed as installer package files.

• Double-click and Run the necessary drivers of the devices you think you will be using with your computer (you can install them all if you want).
• Restart your computer.

Make sure your computer has the latest driver version installed for your connected hardware, without the latest driver you may experience issues. If you are having problems updating your driver, please email or contact your hardware manufacturer.

If you want to install other device drivers on a Windows (PC) machine, you will need to connect the appropriate hardware before the driver can be installed.