Issue with Serato DJ when used with the Pioneer DJM-900SRT and Beat FX quantize feature.

Because of the way Serato sends quantized beat information to the Pioneer DJM-900 SRT, some audio issues can occasionally be heard when using some FX. 

The issue results in an occasional double beat or stuttering when using only certain Beat FX that rely heavily on steady BPM values, like Roll, Slip Roll, and Reverse Roll. 

This is an issue only when using Serato DJ with the DJM-900 SRT in conjunction with the quantize feature and these roll type FX. Other FX like echo, reverb etc have no audible issue. 

We suggest that users who wish to use a roll type effect use the built in loop roll feature in Serato DJ instead. 

Find out more information on using loop rolls in Serato DJ.

Serato will address this issue in an upcoming update.