Possible MIDI mapping conflict with the Rane 64 and third party MIDI controllers.

There is a possibility that MIDI mapping conflicts can arise with the Rane 64 and third party  MIDI controllers, although the occurrence will be very low.

There is a chance of this happening if you use a Rane 64 in the MIDI mappable channels 3 and 4 ALONGSIDE a third party MIDI controller in channels 3 and 4 that is also sending MIDI messages with the SAME note as the Rane 64. Chances are pretty slim but you may see some conflict in MIDI signals depending on how you have mapped each device.

A workaround is to use the third party controllers MIDI editor to change the channel of the conflicting layers to 5 or 6, any layer other then the ones being used on the Rane 64 (1,2,3 & 4).

If you need assistance with this feel free to create a help request here.