Novation Dicer not working on some Windows I-Series computers when used with the Rane SL 1 or TTM 57SL

Some users running Windows i-Series computers have reported having difficulty connecting both their Novation Dicers and the Rane SL 1 or TTM 57SL at the same time. Whichever device is connected first will work, but the device connected second will not - although it will still be recognized in Device Manager. This is due to the computer's USB 1.1 bandwidth being exceeded when both devices are plugged in at the same time.This is due to a limitation of the updated USB architecture on these computers.

Note : This only occurs with USB 1.1 devices, and does not affect USB 2.0 devices such as the Rane SL 2, SL 3, SL 4 and Sixty-Eight.


Connect the Dicers to a USB 2.0 powered hub so that your computer's USB 2.0 bandwidth is utilized and the USB 1.1 bandwidth is not exceeded - allowing you to use both devices at once.

You will need to have :

- The Dicers connected to a USB 2.0 powered hub, and the hub connected to one of your computer's USB ports.

- The Rane hardware connected to another of the computer's USB ports.

Note : Rane hardware should always be connected directly into a computer's USB port and not through a USB hub or splitter.