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Pioneer DDJ-SX Microphone Setup

This FAQ guide explains the Pioneer DDJ-SX microphone input options and how to connect a microphone correctly. 

The Pioneer DDJ-SX has two microphone input options. 

Mic Input 1 (channel 3)

  • Input switch on front of unit must be switched to MIC. 
  • Either an XLR connector or a phono mic plug (1/4"/TRS) cable can be used.

Mic Input 2 (channel 4)

  • Input switch on front of unit must be switched to MIC.
  • A (1/4"/TRS) cable can be used.

NOTEConnecting your Microphone while the DDJ-SX is powered on can cause unwanted noise / distortion. Before you connect your microphone make sure the "channel gain knob" and "channel fader" are set to ZERO. This will stop loud unwanted noises / distortion going to your speakers while you connect your Microphone.


"My Microphone Input Sounds Distorted, what should I do?"

1. Check the impedance level for your microphone.

  • The standard input level/ input impedance for the DDJ-SX mic is "-52dBu/10kΩ."
  • Does your mic match the impedance level required by the Pioneer DDJ-SX? 

If the impedance levels don't match you can purchase a microphone attenuator

  • This lowers / increases the microphone impedance level to suit the DDJ-SX Mic input level.
  • Plug this device into the end of your Mic XLR cable before it's plugged into the DDJ-SX unit.

2. Are you using a wireless microphone? 

  • Does the wireless microphone have a gain switch / gain adjustment knob? 
  • Lower the wireless microphone gain output knob. 

Note: The Pioneer DDJ-SX does not support LINE output wireless microphones. We recommend you use a wireless microphone which has a switch for selecting LINE/MIC output options. Always use the MIC output option when connected to a Pioneer DDJ-SX. 

If you are still experiencing issues with your microphone setup for the Pioneer DDJ-SX, please create a help request.