KNOWN ISSUE: Vestax VCI-400 Firmware Update

There are two known issues with the Vestax VCI-400 firmware update that we are currently aware of.

Instability in VU Meter Lighting

When the Vestax VCI-400 firmware is updated and used with Serato DJ Intro, the new firmware can cause instability in the VU meter lighting.

This is because the meters now work off the DSP (Digital signal processing) which causes a conflict with the MIDI lighting information Serato DJ Intro is sending.

The audio will cut out briefly when the Vestax VCI-400 is connected or disconnected with a computer. 

This is because the Vestax VCI-400 Sound card is attempting to change the sample rate. Vestax intends to resolve this issue by keeping the Vestax VCI-400 sample rate at 48kHz. 

We are currently working with Vestax to provide a fix for both of these issues in a future Serato DJ Intro release.