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Twitch Master FX with Serato DJ

The Novation Twitch is now a supported Serato DJ controller. This FAQ will help you understand the new Serato DJ iZotope effects units and how to control them using your Novation Twitch.

There are two available modes in the DJ-FX.

Single FX Mode allows you to select one effect per FX bank, and has multiple parameters that can be adjusted.

Multi FX Mode allows you to select up to three effects per FX bank, and adjust only one parameter, the FX Depth. 

The Novation Twitch was originally designed for Serato ITCH and things have slightly changed in Serato DJ. Below is an image of the Twitch MASTER FX section labelled with the Serato DJ parameter controls.

Download and print the Novation Twitch MASTER FX scaled overlay from here

Note: White=Primary Control, Grey=SHIFT/Secondary Control