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What are Rane Series Equalizers?


The Rane Series Equalizers are a unique pair of software plug-ins for the Digidesign TDM, ICON or VENUE platform. They are incredibly smooth sounding and fully featured for the studio or live sound environment.

The Rane Series Equalizers combine the functionality of Rane’s PEQ-55 and DEQ60/60L hardware with extra control that only be achieved with Serato software. They include color coded response graphs to display the overall gain and phase changes, so you can see at a glance the overall effect your settings are having on the audio.

The Rane Series Equalizers both feature:

  • 3 band tone control for adjusting overall balance
  • Input and output gain link for auto level compensation
  • Independent high- and low-cut filters
  • Individual bypass switches for EQ bands, tone controls and cut filters
  • RMS and Peak level metering
  • Metering on either dBFS or dBVU scales

Rane Series Graphic EQ

The Graphic EQ eliminates band interaction with Rane's patented Perfect-Q™ technology, previously only available in their award winning hardware. 

The Graphic Equalizer forces the response curve to pass through every slider so the response follows exactly the slider positions on screen, giving you the ability to notch out a single frequency or create the exact curve you want.

  • 31 bands for precise control
  • Cut-only mode for isolating problem frequencies
  • Proportional-Q mode option for traditional response
  • Rane's patented Perfect-Q™ technology eliminating adjacent filter interaction

Rane Series Parametric EQ

The Parametric EQ provides an incredibly clean and natural sound even at the extreme points where most parametric equalizers would start to sound grainy. 

All ten bands that can be moved from 12.5Hz to 20kHz and are all independently switchable between high or low shelf and bell filters.

  • 10 Parametric EQ filters
  • Each filter range is 12.5 Hz to 20kHz
  • All Filters are switchable between high-shelf, low-shelf or bell filtering
  • Advanced filter smoothing eliminates jarring when switching filter types in a live environment