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Problems with Windows based PCs with Pentium P6xxx processors when used with USB 1.1 devices

Some users are encountering issues with computers featuring the Intel Pentium P6000, P6100, P6200 and P6300 processors when used with USB 1.1 devices such as the Rane SL 1 or TTM 57SL.

Users may encounter USB dropouts and / or hardware disconnection problems.

We have discovered that there may be a compatibility problem between the computer's BIOS and the new controller chipset Intel uses with these processors.

NOTE: This does NOT affect SL 2, SL 3, SL 4, Sixty-One, Sixty-Two or Sixty-Eight users.


Below are some workarounds that have resolved this issue for a number of our users. Please be aware that this is not a guaranteed workaround, but it is important to try them all.

BIOS Update

Installing the latest BIOS update for your computer has been known to resolve the issue.

What is a "BIOS"? Click here!

For users encountering problems, please follow these instructions and install the latest BIOS update for your computer:

  • For mobile users, this means going to the website of the manufacturer for their laptop.
  • For desktop users, this requires going to the website for their machine manufacturer.
  • For users who have built your own computer, see the computer's motherboard manufacturers website.

If there is no BIOS update, please contact your computer manufacturer asking for a BIOS update to resolve this issue.

NOTE: This doesn't affect everyone with these processors - if you are notexperiencing problems, you do not need to update your BIOS.

Driver Update

Once you have updated your computer's BIOS you should install Scratch Live 2.2 (or above).

Scratch Live 2.2 (and above) contains a workaround driver for this problem. You can download this from here: (click)

Install Scratch Live with your hardware connected and follow the installation prompts.

Please note that this driver has fixed the issue for some of our users but not all.

USB Port

Make sure you have also tried the following :

- Have your Rane SL 1 / TTM 57SL plugged directly into a USB port and notinto a USB hub or splitter.

- Connect only your SL 1 / TTM 57SL to your computer's USB port. Make sure nothing else is connected, this will rule out a USB conflict with another device. A

- Make sure you have tried all of the USB ports on your computer, quite often a computer will have a 'better' USB port so it's important you test with all of them.