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My Numark Mixdeck/Mixdeck Express is connected but isn't controlling the software?

If you have your Numark Mixdeck Express or Mixdeck connected but are unable to control the Serato DJ software, follow these steps to get it up and running:

Numark Mixdeck Express:

1)    Connect your Mixdeck Express to your computer via USB.

2)    Using the source select button on the hardware, select "MIDI PC".

3)    Push down on the Track rotary knob.

4)     Repeat for both channels.

Numark Mixdeck:

1)    Connect your Mixdeck to your computer via USB.

2)    Press the ‘Source’ button.

3)    Turn ‘Parameter’ rotary knob to select ‘Midi USB’.

4)    Select by pressing down on the Parameter rotary knob.

5)    Repeat for both channels.

You should now be able to control the DJ Intro software.

If you are continuing to have problems please start a new help request.