Hardware Disconnected message with the VCI-300

Some ITCH users have reported they are seeing the "Hardware Disconnected" message in the software when they connect their VCI-300 unit to their computer.

When this happens you will not be able to see the virtual turntables or control ITCH with your hardware. This may be because the device has failed to power up properly and connect to your computer's USB ports properly.

VCI-300 Power Requirements

The VCI-300 draws current through your computer's USB port to power the devices sound card, MIDI interface, all the circuitry and lights. Any device of this nature will be drawing up nearly all the available power a computer's USB port can offer.

When plugging the VCI into your computer the device may draw more power than some USB ports can provide although once running the VCI needs less power to operate. At present the VCI-300 draws around 500ma of current. It is sometimes necessary for a user to disable some of the circuitry off by switching to THRUwhen connecting the device before switching back to PC for normal use.

VCI-300mkII Power Requirements

The VCI-300mkII draws slightly more power than the mkI, so you may find that while your laptop was delivering just enough power before with a mkI, the mkII may take this over the threshold at startup.


  • Make sure your computer is connected to mains power and not running off battery.
  • Connect your VCI-300 with a suitable power supply (9V, 500mA).
  • Disconnect other USB devices that you don't need.
  • Try all USB ports on your computer. Some USB ports don't offer the full amount of power. If you are using a Macbook Pro, this can be the left port or for models with two USB ports on the left and Macbooks this will be the port furthest away from the screen. Otherwise try all ports until you get the best results.
  • Start the unit with the ‘PC/THRU switch on the back of the unit set to ‘THRU’. Let it power up for a few seconds, then switch it back to PC.

Additional solution for Mac users

If the above doesn't work please do the following:

  • Open the Audio MIDI setup. (HD > Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup)
  • Open the MIDI window (Window > Show MIDI Window)
  • Connect your VCI-300, If you see it connected as "USB MIDI Device" or something similar, disconnect your unit and delete this device.
  • Reconnect your VCI-300 and it should now show up correctly as "VCI-300"

Your VCI-300 should now be recognized in ITCH.

Further assistance:

If none of the above solutions work please start a new help thread here:www.serato.com

Please include your system specifications (make, model, CPU, RAM, hard drive and list all other USB devices) as well as a detailed description of your issue.