VCI-300 / ITCH Problem Solving Guide

Vestax VCI-300

Vestax VCI-300
Scan down the list to find your specific problem and check the various solutions. You may need to try more than one possible solution before you reach a suitable outcome.
Lights on unit aren’t illuminated
  • Check unit is connected to a power source (USB or power adaptor)
You see a 'Hardware Disconnected' message in ITCH.
  • Check the USB cable is properly connected and not damaged.
  • Try connecting the VCI-300 before opening ITCH.
No sound
  • Check and adjust the cross fader, line levels, line gains, and master volume.
  • Check the levels on the amplifier or DJ mixer.
  • Ensure you select ‘PC’ rather than ‘THRU ON’ at the back of the VCI-300.
  • Make sure you have connected the master outputs of your ITCH unit into a Line or CD input on your mixer or amplifier, not a phono input.
Distorted sound
    • You may be connected to a phono input on your DJ mixer or amplifier. Ensure you're connected to the line inputs.
You can’t see both the virtual decks in ITCH only the offline player
    • Ensure the unit is connected to your computer. The unit's power light will be illuminated.
USB dropout indicator appears
  • If the USB dropout indicator light illuminates, refer to the tips under ITCH performance and USB in the technical quickstart:
Track volume ‘dropping’ after increasing the gain or eqs.
  • ITCH utilizes an internal Limiter, which ensures you don’t go past a certain volume level. If you have increased the level of a track and exceed the limiter’s threshold you you will find that the audio is compressed (lowered or ‘squashed’). To fix this, simply lower the track gain, eqs, or master volume on the unit so the track isn’t 'clipping' (going into the red on the unit’s channel level lights). If you need more volume you can then increase the volume of the amplifier or DJ mixer that it is running into. For more information on gain structure read this article:
Cross fader or channel faders don’t respond as expected
    • Adjust the fader curves using the dials at the front of the VCI-300. Use the ‘C.F.CURVE’ dial to adjust the cross fader and ‘I.F.CURVE’ dial for the channel  faders.
Crossfader is reversed
    • There is an option in ITCH in the setup screen to reverse the cross fader to be used “hamster” style. The keyboard shortcut for this is Ctrl-Shift-R
Mic latency
    • At some buffer settings you may experience a delay/latency with the mic. Try sliding the USB buffer to the left and click "apply". Be aware that this might affect your USB performance.
Play Button doesn’t work / start track
Computer shuts down
  • Ensure the power adaptor for your laptop is correctly plugged in (and the battery use light isn't illuminated on your laptop).
  • Check your screen saver is set to 'never'
Library text is too big/small
  • Zoom in or out using these keyboard shortcuts:

                Ctrl + (Zoom In)
                Ctrl - (Zoom Out)

Lost files
  • If ITCH is unable to find your files (displayed as red in your library) or if you know you have moved them from their original location, you can use the ‘relocate lost files’ function to scan your hard drive for these files. Either click the button to scan your entire drive, or you can open your browser and drag files or folders onto the button.

NOTE: If you have Scratch Live, be aware that any changes you make to your library or crates will also take effect in ITCH.

Auto Tempo doesn’t beat match my tracks for me
    • Auto BPM only matches the BPM number of the track from one deck to the other. ITCH still requires you to align the tracks yourself and keep them in time.
My tracks are the same BPM but they are falling out of time
  • Be aware that ITCH only calculates BPM to two decimal places, so there will be minor timing differences. This will only be noticeable with long mixes.
  • Music recorded from analogue sources may have fluctuations in the playback speed, due to the limitations of the recording source. This could also be because of poor vinyl quality, or poorly configured turntables at the recording stage.
My tracks are out of time using Sync Tempo Function
  • The SYNC function is not supposed to automatically beat match for you. You will still need to make slight manual adjustments using the jog wheel to keep the tracks in time.
  • Pressing a deck’s SYNC button will align the beat from that deck with the other deck. This will sync the tracks once pressed, but you will then need to make adjustments to keep them in time. Refer to the above points regarding BPMs.
Auto Tempo switches off
  • Auto Tempo will switch off when a new track is loaded.
  • Turning QUARTZ on will cancel Auto-Tempo.
My tracks are downloaded from a music store and they have the BPM value calculated and they're going out of time
  • Even tracks with provided BPM values, such as those purchased from a web store, can have their BPM values slightly off due to different encoding, rounding etc. Never assume the BPM is 100% correct.
Can’t delete a song
  • Select the tracks or crate you wish to delete, hold down ‘Ctrl’ and press ‘delete’.
  • If you want to delete the file from ITCH as well as your hard drive, hold down Ctrl-Shift-Delete. Warning: this will send the file to your trash, so make sure this is definitely what you want to do.
  • Ensure ‘Protect library’ is unchecked in Setup > Library.
  • Ensure that your tracks and folder(s) are not set to read only.

                For Windows: right click and select ‘properties’.
                For Mac: ctrl click and select ‘get info’.

  • Songs that are read from your iTunes library cannot be deleted in ITCH. You will need to delete them in iTunes.
New tag information not being saved
  • If you can’t write new tag information into your library track fields (such as Artist, Comments etc), check the ‘protect library’ function is off in the Setup window. If you still can’t write the information, check that your external hard drive is correctly formatted for your machine. To find out the format of your drive:

                For Windows: right click and select ‘properties’.
                For Mac: ctrl click and select ‘get info’.

  • Ensure that your tracks and folders are not set to read only.

                For Windows: right click and select ‘properties’.
                For Mac: ctrl click and select ‘get info’.

Changes made to track information with iTunes do not show in ITCH
  • iTunes does not support writing to ID3 tags version 2.4, this means any changes made to a file with a 2.4 tag in iTunes will not be saved to the file, only in the iTunes database.
  • ITCH reads the information from the file itself so it is best to use version 2.3 ID3 tags.
  • You can convert tag versions in iTunes, there is an article on this, click here.
Poor audio quality
  • Check the bitrate of the track. You may find some tracks under 320kbps to be poor quality, especially those  at 128kbps or under and encoded with VBR.
  • You might be playing an MP3 that has been re-encoded from another poor quality MP3, even if the file says it is 320kbps.
  • Check your ITCH hardware isn't plugged into the Phono input of your amplifier or DJ mixer.
  • Make sure you aren’t adding too much gain at any point (ITCH hardware, mixing desk, amplifier, etc.)
  • ITCH will play Whitelabel files as 32kbps mono in the offline player or in versions before ITCH  1.1. To play these files use ITCH version 1.1 or later.
A track won’t play
  • You might be using ACC files with DRM protection such as those downloaded from the iTunes store. You are able to upgrade tunes using iTunes Plus which have no DRM protection. Check the Apple website for more information.
  • The file might be corrupt. If you have built your overviews this will show in your library with a broken CD logo, or a broken iTunes logo if it‘s from your iTunes library. Any corrupt file will need to be deleted from your ITCH library, and either re-ripped, re-encoded or re-downloaded before importing again.
  • The file might be lost. This will show in your library as red, and a "file not found" message will be displayed.

Further Assistance

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