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Serato Video Checklist

If you're new to, or considering purchasing Serato Video, read through this checklist first to ensure you have everything you need to get started.
  • Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? Serato Video is very resource-intensive, so your current setup may not be sufficient to run the program properly. For more information on what’s required click here.
  • Are your graphics card drivers up to date? Even with a high spec computer, Serato Video may not perform properly without the correct drivers. You’ll need to check your graphics card manufacturer’s website for information on how to update your drivers. 
  • Are your video files compatible with Serato Video? We recommend:

          .mp4  ( container ), with an h.264 ( video codec ) and  .aac ( audio codec ). 

More often than not if you've checked the list above but are still having performance issues with Serato Video - and you've optimized your computer, checked file formats, Serato video output settings, and your computer exceeds system requirements - then your video files themselves may be the cause. A simple re-encode using Handbrake to adjust your video files and their specification could result in vastly increased performance, with a very minimal hit to quality.
Click on the following link to read about using Handbrake, and where to download the Serato Video Preset for Handbrake: Re-encoding Video files using Handbrake