Serato Video Checklist

If you're new to, or considering purchasing Serato Video, read through this checklist first to ensure you have everything you need to get started.
  • Does your computer meet the minimum system requirements? Serato Video is very resource intensive, so your current setup may not be sufficient to run the program properly. For more information on what’s required click here.
  • Are your graphics card drivers up to date? Even with a high spec computer, Serato Video may not perform properly without the correct drivers. You’ll need to check your graphics card manufacturer’s website for information on how to update your drivers. 
  • Are your video files compatible with Serato Video? We recommend:

          .mp4  ( container ), with an h.264 ( video codec ) and  .aac ( audio codec ). 

As Serato Video utilizes QuickTime to decode video files; as a rule if it plays in QuickTime then it should play in Serato Video. However, as you’re dealing with both audio and video, you may need to spend some time converting your files for error free playback in Serato Video.

You can use Handbrake to encode your video files into a Serato Video compatible format. Click on the following links to read about Handbrake, get the download link, and download the Serato Video Preset for Handbrake:
(Click for Windows)(Click for Mac)