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How to install Serato drivers for your Rane hardware (Windows)

1. Disconnect your Rane hardware

2. Now disable UAC by following the steps given here.

3. Click Start Menu, right click on Computer and select Manage.

4. Now select Device Manager.

5. Locate the Serato USB Device found under the Universal Serial Bus controllers section. Right click on Serato USB device and then select Uninstall.

6. During the uninstall process make sure to check the "Delete Device Driver Software" option in the lower left corner of the pop up window. IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the driver is gone, unplug the Rane Interface and plug it back into a different USB port on your Computer and delete the driver if it shows up again. Do this for ALL USB PORTS on your Computer. 

7. Once you have uninstalled all the drivers from every port on your computer, follow these steps given here to install and update drivers correctly.

The process should now be complete!

If you are still experiencing problems, please start a help request with us here.