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Mapping MIDI controllers for Serato Video

MIDI controllers allow you greater control over your software, enabling physical manipulation of software parameters, which you can customise to meet your requirements. This is particularly handy for Serato Video in Scratch DJ, especially if you own a Rane interface or controller without natively mapped Video controls.

The following How-To will take you through the steps to map Serato Video's functions to a generic MIDI controller.


DIN to USB cable

From left to right : DIN to USB type A cable, Micro USB type B to USB type A, and regular USB type B to USB type A

The most common way to connect modern MIDI controllers is simply by using a single USB cable. (Most modern MIDI controllers have a USB port on them so no other connectors are required). If you are using an older MIDI controller however, you may find it only has a traditional 5 Pin DIN connection. In this case, you will need an additional MIDI - USB interface in order to connect to your computer.


To enable MIDI assign mode, make sure you have the Serato Video window open in Serato DJ, then click the MIDI button. 

To assign a MIDI control, click on the control in Serato Video, then move or tap the control on your MIDI controller. As you click each control you will see a dialog box which will prompt you move the MIDI control you wish to assign.

MIDI Controller

When you have successfully mapped each control the dialog box will turn from grey to blue and the controller should respond to your touch.

To un-assign a MIDI control, click on the control in Serato DJ and press return on your computer keyboard.

You can choose to map controls to crossfade, load transitions, effects and so on. For a full description of the available controls for mapping, check out the Available Controls section of the Serato Video manual.