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How to change the look of Serato DJ



Serato DJ gives you the option of different display modes to suit your style of performance. The Display Mode drop down menu is located in the top left of the main screen.

You may also be able to toggle through display modes by using a button on your controller. To find out how or if your controller is compatible, check out your controllers Quickstart Guide.

The available display modes are:

  • Vertical The Virtual Decks are displayed on the left and right sides of the screen with vertical waveforms in the middle.


  • Horizontal The Virtual Decks are displayed on the left and right sides of the screen with horizontal waveforms in the middle.


  • Extended Minimizes the Virtual Deck information with horizontal waveforms across the screen.


  • Library Maximizes your library space by further minimizing the Virtual Deck information displayed.


If there is not enough space on screen to show all open panels (e.g. DJ-FX, Sampler etc) the display mode may adjust automatically. A message will display in the status bar down the bottom when this occurs.

If your Serato DJ controller has 4 deck capability, you can switch between displaying 2 and 4 decks when in any of the above display modes, by selecting either 2 or 4 next to the display mode drop down menu.


There are two different library views for visual browsing of your tracks, using text and album art. Select your Library View by using the buttons in the left area of the main screen, just above your crates.

  • Simple List Displays the track information in a text list.
  • Album Art List Displays the album art, with the track information text to the right.

You can add album art to a file by dragging and dropping a jpeg or png file onto the track. 


Waveforms provides a close-up view of the track, including color coding to show the frequency of the sound; red representing low frequency bass sounds, green representing mid frequency sounds and blue representing high frequency treble sounds.

  • To zoom in on the waveform, simply press the + (plus) key on your keyboard.
  • Likewise, to zoom out on the waveform, press the - (minus) key on your keyboard.

You can also switch to a three band spectrum view by holding the control key and clicking on the waveform.

To adjust the size of the text that appears in your library, simply adjust the Library Text Size slider, which can be found in the SETUP screen, then click on the Library + Display tab.

Alternatively, you can hold control and press the + (plus) or - (minus) keys on your keyboard to adjust text size.



Note: Pressing the space bar will toggle between Library mode and the previously selected view mode.
For more information about the other settings that can be adjusted in this tab, check out the Library + Display section of the Serato DJ manual here.