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How to get free music for Serato DJ from Whitelabel.net


Whitelabel.net provides Serato DJ users a legal way to access to record label’s promotional releases, absolutely free! The site allows DJs to preview and download music in a “Serato DJ ready” format. 

By being a Serato DJ user, you are now part of the network that delivers crates full of goodness. With Whitelabel.net, you're instantly on the promo list for the latest tracks from some of the best labels in the business.

Simply go to http://whitelabel.net/ and log in, using the same email and password you used to start your Serato DJ trial with/login to Serato.com with.


On the Whitelabel.net home page, you will see the latest releases and the top 10 weekly/monthly downloads. If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you can also browse by popular genres and artists.

When you have selected a track, you can click on the play button to launch a preview window, or download the file, on the left hand side.

The file should then download to your browsers default download location.


Import your whitelabel.net files into Serato DJ like you would any audio files, either drag and drop the files into a crate, or use the files panel inside Serato DJ. For more information on using the files panel to import files, click here.

The Whitelabel.net audio files (wl.mp3 files), play as high quality 320kbps audio in Serato DJ when your Serato DJ controller is connected. In the Serato DJ offline player and all other media players, the files will play as low quality 32kbps audio.

Whitelabel.net audio files will appear in your library showing a Whitelabel icon.

If you wish to know more about Serato Whitelabel.net click here.