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How to record and share your mix with Serato DJ


Serato DJ can capture recordings of the mix output for most controllers*. Click the REC button to open the Recording Panel in Serato DJ. This is located in the top left hand area of the main screen.

*Recording is not possible for the Numark MixDeck and MixDeck Express.

Ensure the Recording source to record from is selected as MIX (for audio only) from the drop down menu.

Then select the Rec Location. You can save your recording to either the internal drive or an external hard drive. 

If you don't choose the Rec Location, you will find recordings from Serato DJ are saved in the following hard drive locations on your computer. 

  • C:\Users\[YOU]\Music\_Serato_\Recording (Windows)
  • ~/Users/[YOU]/Music/_Serato_/Recording (macOS)

To start recording your mix:

  1. The recording meter shows the signal level that will be recorded to disk. Adjust the recording level using the gain control to ensure that your songs aren't clipping. You can see if a song is clipping by seeing red bars in the recording meter. (For optimum recording levels, attempt to have the meter in the high end of the yellow region during the loudest parts of your tracks).
  2. Click the REC button to start recording. The REC button will be lit red and flashing, and the Elapsed Recording Time display will keep a count of the recording time.
  3. When you are finished mixing click the flashing red REC button to stop recording.
  4. To save the recording to disk, type a filename into the text field, and click SAVE.
  5. The recording is automatically placed in a crate named “Recording”. If the crate does not already exist, it will be created automatically.
  6. To start a new recording without saving, simply click the record button again.

Recordings can now be loaded onto the decks, renamed, and managed like other files in the Serato DJ Library. 


We recommend uploading your mix with Mixcloud, a free online mix hosting service.

1. Sign up to Mixcloud here.

2. Click Upload in the top navigation bar on Mixcloud:

3. Choose the file you wish to upload.

TIP: If you exit Serato DJ without saving your recording, it will be stored in the "Recording temp" folder instead. 

4. Give your mix a unique name.

5. Click Upload.

To enter the track list on Mixcloud, you can easily find the 'Artist' and 'Track' names of all the songs in your set in the History panel of Serato DJ.


The easiest way to now share your mix is by using the share buttons on the Mixcloud page, once your Mix has been uploaded.

If you wish to take it a step further, you can add a track listing to your mix by using the Serato Playlists feature.

Serato Playlists is a way for DJs to export their playlists from Serato DJ and share them online through their Serato profile. Click here to learn how to use Serato Playlists.