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I have a Video-SL serial number, but haven't installed the Video-SL software. How do I upgrade my license to Serato Video?

  • Visit your user profile Products page
  • If your Video-SL serial number is not displayed enter it into the Add A New Product form
  • Click the Show Serial Numbers button, and enter your password
  • Click the Upgrade to Serato Video button next to your Video-SL serial number and confirm that you want to do this
  • Your new Serato Video serial number should appear highlighted for you
  • Activation of the Serato Video plug-in requires Scratch Live 2.4.1 (or greater), or ITCH 2.2 (or greater)
  • It also requires installation of the Serato Video plugin.
  • Once you have updated and installed the required software, your new Serato Video serial number can be entered in the plug-ins tab of Scratch Live or ITCH