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Serato DJ Pro Subscriptions - Frequently Asked Questions

Serato DJ Pro offers the ability to pay via a monthly subscription - which offers a great way to get all the features and expansion packs of Serato DJ Pro without having to commit to the full price standalone licenses.
Four different tiers are available, each providing different combinations of Serato licenses.

  1. Serato DJ Pro subscription (Serato DJ Pro )
  2. Serato DJ Essentials subscription (Serato DJ Pro, Serato Play, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, Serato FX packs)
  3. Serato DJ Suite subscription (Serato DJ Pro, Serato DVS, Serato Video, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, Serato FX packs, and Serato Flip)
  4. Expansion Packs subscription (Serato Play, Serato Flip, Serato Pitch 'n Time DJ, Serato FX packs, Serato Video, and Serato DVS)

NOTE: Prices may differ to the images below, depending on your region.subpart1.pngsubpart2.png

I already have a Serato DJ Pro Subscription

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

This can be done via the My Products tab in the MY SERATO window within Serato DJ Pro.

Click the 'My Serato' button in the upper right-hand corner (see screenshot below) Screen_Shot_2018-03-19_at_10.51.08_AM.png

Then click the 'My Products' tab in the My Serato window, and then the 'Manage Subscription' link beneath your active subscription card;manage.png

Then finally you can click the 'Cancel subscription' link in the subsequent window;cancel_sub.pngYou will be notified of your cancellation via email, and will be able to use your subscription until the end of that billing period. This can also be done via your account page on Simply navigate to your products page here, then choose 'Manage subscription' below the relevant active subscription, then choose the 'Cancel subscription' button on the subsequent page;

  • How do I change to another subscription tier?

You can switch immediately to any of the other subscription tiers via 'Manage Subscriptions', in the MY SERATO panel of Serato DJ Pro. manage.png

Then select 'Change subscription type' in the subsequent window;

changesub.pngIf changing to a more expensive tier, you will be charged pro-rata - which is the dollar difference between the new and old tier, divided by how many days are left in that billing month.
If changing to a cheaper tier, you will retain the licenses from the original tier until the end of that billing period. Upon the next 'month' of the subscription you will be changed to the cheaper tier.
If changing to a tier of the same value, you'll instantly swap your current tier for the new one - and no changes will occur with your billing date.

  • How do I update my billing information?

Billing information can be updated inside the MY SERATO window in Serato DJ Pro, after navigating to the My Products tab, then choosing 'Manage subscription' under your active subscription;


Then choose 'Update Billing information' in the following window;


  • Why has my subscription failed to renew?

The two most common reasons for your subscription failing to renew are; you have insufficient funds, or your credit card has expired. 

In the case of insufficient funds, please check the credit card you subscribed with, and ensure sufficient funds are available. 
We will then attempt to bill you again 3 days after the billing cycle, and then again 3 days after that, so if you have just ensured you've got sufficient funds - simply wait for the next attempted billing. 
An email notification will be sent to you each time a payment has failed due to insufficient funds. 
In the case of your credit card expiring, we will not attempt to re-charge you, but you'll still be notified via email so you can amend the issue - which can be done by re-entering your new credit card details in the 'Manage Subscriptions' section of the MY SERATO panel in Serato DJ.

If you believe your subscription has failed for another reason, please do not hesitate to get in touch via our Contact Us page.

  • What happens if I do not connect to an active internet connection within my billing cycle period?

You will be warned in the MY SERATO panel of Serato DJ Pro, once you have 7 days or less remaining on your subscription. Connecting to the internet, logging into Serato DJ Pro with your account and choosing 'Manage Subscription' from the MY SERATO will resolve this.

  • How do I access my billing history?

This can be done via your account page on Simply navigate to your products page here, then choose 'Manage subscription' below the relevant active subscription.


I do not yet have a Serato DJ Subscription

  • How do I begin my subscription?

Subscriptions can be initiated within the MY SERATO window in Serato DJ Pro. Serato DJ 1.9.2 (and all versions of Serato DJ Pro 2.0 +) or higher is required to be able to access the subscription options, and an internet connection is required.

  • What is the billing cycle for the subscription option, and when does it renew?

The subscriptions are billed monthly, and the renewal period will occur on the same day each month as the initial date the payment was made.

  • Can I keep using Serato DJ Pro if the subscription fails to renew?

At the end of your billing period, if your subscription fails to renew, you'll be given a grace period of 7 days in which to amend any payment issues. 

After this grace period expires, you'll be notified via email, the MY SERATO panel will show "There is a problem with your subscription", and you'll need to begin a new subscription.

  • Why do I need an internet connection for a Serato DJ Pro subscription?

Your subscription needs to be 'refreshed' during your billing cycle, which requires you be connected to an active internet connection and be logged into the MY SERATO panel in Serato DJ Pro. Serato DJ Pro can still be used without an internet connection however.

If you have any further questions or inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch by opening a help request here.

You can also read the full terms and conditions for use of a Serato Subscription, here.

Note: Subscriptions offer Serato licenses on a periodic basis. Once payment ceases & a subscription has been cancelled, you will need to renew your subscription to continue using Serato DJ Pro, or by starting a subscription via the express check-out on