Sample Pad Editing

Serato Sample has an editing feature that allows you to easily adjust and edit your pads and parameters during playback.
The Edit mode button is located at the bottom left of the waveform, but requires you 'mouse-over' the waveform to see it - once turned on it will flash to indicate edit mode is enabled.


Turning this on will 'freeze' the waveform but continue the playback. It will also not change the selected pad when triggered, unless you manually select a pad yourself. This is super handy for when you are listening back to a recorded sequence, and you want to adjust the start or end position of a Cue Point, or tweak some of the parameters for a pad. It also allows you to keep triggering a pad while you fine tune the start position to find the sweet spot you want.

Check out the video below for more info and tips with Edit Mode feature;