Using Push and Maschine hardware with Serato Sample in Ableton

Both of these two popular pieces of hardware can be used nicely with Serato Sample.

Ableton Push : You can use Ableton Push with Serato Sample the same as you Ableton's Drum Rack or Sampler. To do this :

  1. Simply add a Drum Rack to a new channel in Ableton;
  2. Add Serato Sample in the 'Drop an Instrument or Sample Here' area of Drum Rack.
  3. Click to enable the 'Show Chain List' button, and then the 'Show Input/Output Section';
  4. Now select 'All Notes' in the dropdown list under the 'Receive' heading, under the 'Chain list' (it's right at the top, above note 'G8');
  5. Now you can use Sample with Push like other native Ableton instruments.

Native Instruments Maschine : To use Maschine's pads to trigger Serato Sample pads, simply press SHIFT + MIDI buttons on the hardware, and go to Group D. The 16 pads in group D will trigger the 16 Serato Sample pads;

  1. Press SHIFT + MIDI on the device;
  2. Select Group D;

Check out the video below for more info and tips with setting up Ableton Push and Maschine with Serato Sample.


For further support using Ableton Live, Push, or Native Instruments Maschine, please visit the respective knowledge base links below;

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