Quickly find the best samples with Autoset

Serato Sample's 'Autoset' feature allows you to find and set Cue Points with one click. There are 4 different modes :

  • Key Shift Pad - This will duplicate the currently selected Cue Point onto all pads using different Key Shift values.
  • Set Random - This will set Cue Points at Random locations in the track.
  • Set Slicer - This will set consecutive Slices starting from the playhead position. These length and position of these Slices can be changed using the Slice controls. (Note : A Slice is just a Cue Point with a set end-point).
  • Find Samples - This is our special algorithm that will set Cue Points at parts of the track that are deemed open, clean and favourable to sample.

The favourite button allows you to favourite a pad you like, which will remain there when Autoset is next used. This is useful for using auto set repeatedly and quickly favouriting what you like, which will leave you with 16 pads that you really want to use.

Check out the video below for more info and tips with using the Autoset feature;