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Error Code #4 (Serato DJ Pro)

My licenses won't activate, and I just see Error Code #4. Why am I seeing this?

There are a couple of scenarios that can cause Error Code #4.

  • Your license has been activated on the maximum number of allowed computers.

For example, if you already have several computers, all with Serato DJ Pro licenses activated, these other devices may be using up the maximum activations.
You may have also been using a friend's computer, or had licenses active on a computer that you've now sold.

  • You've changed the hardware of your computer.

If you've activated a Serato DJ Pro license or trial on your computer, and then swapped out the hard drive, or updated your BIOS, for example, this changes the Host ID of your computer.
This means that your computer will continue to use one activation, but Serato DJ Pro won't be able to be activated for use, and will see your upgraded computer as a 'new machine'.

How do I resolve error code #4?

  1. Go to My Account to manage your devices:
  2. Click on Deactivate this device, under one or more of your existing machines.
  3. Log-in to Serato DJ Pro on the computer you wish to activate, using the same account that is associated with your licenses. Check-out our Activate Serato DJ Pro article for more information on how to do this.

Once you've deactivated the old activation, and logged in with the correct account on the computer you wish to use, the Serato DJ Pro licenses should now activate.

If you're still seeing error code #4, or you now see error code #5 after trying the steps above, please try logging out of Serato DJ Pro using steps from our Manage Serato DJ Pro activations article, before logging back in again.

Finally, if you're still seeing error code #4 (or #5), close all Serato software, and follow the steps in the screen recordings below, to remove your license files manually:

  • macOS

  • Windows